Creative, concept developer and a project manager specialized in live format for communication and culture.

Multifaceted and visionary figure able to merge creativity and strategy to answer to the needs of communication and cultural project-management.

In my projects I love to create a “story” able to actively engage viewers, participants and partners alike. I take inspiration by the observation of everyday life.

I am one of the funder of EX-VOTO association, a cultural crew based in Milan composed by professionals in communication and art, focused on theories and practices connected with sharing culture, new forms of socialization, networking, through the usual tools of entertainment.

I am also the Coordinator of NON RISERVATO,  is an open community acting in the public spaces of Milan.

Lecturer of the module in “events and new creative professions between culture an marketplace”, Paolo Grassi Accademy (2012 – up to date)
Guest Lecturer in the module of “Cultural Project Management” IED – Rome 2014
Guest Lecturer at IED Milan in the module of “Cultural Events”(2011)